How is Nollapelli Sustainable?

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We, here at Nollapelli, have immense love for Mother Earth, and we show it. Here are three ways we are working together with the environment to bring you the ideal sleep experience

Nollapelli is the smart choice for sustainable bedding. 

If you are not enjoying our sheets yet, you most likely have 100% cotton sheets. Here are the facts. 

Nollapelli linens are more durable than 100% cotton, two times more breathable (say bye to night sweats!), our linens dry 20% faster and wrinkle less. Our sheets take less time in the dryer and do not need to be replaced as often as 100% cotton. This adds up to savings in time, energy, money, and better care for our environment. Nollapelli sheets aren't just the best choice for an elevated sleep experience, they are the best choice for the environment. 

Nollapelli linens are safe for all parties. 

Nollapelli linens are STANDARD 100 by OEKO Tex® certified. This means that every aspect of the fabric meets strict limit values for hundreds of harmful substances. 

So, what are Nollapelli linens made from? Our soft bedsheets and pillowcases are made from 65% naturally-derived yarns (TENCEL™ and cotton) and 35% synthetic yarns (nylon). Of these three ingredients, TENCEL™ accounts for the highest percentage at 45% and is the ultimate sustainable resource.

Developed by Lenzing, TENCEL™ is fueled from an environmentally responsible closed-loop process. This means during production, it has virtually no environmental impact. TENCEL™ is unified with nature’s cycle. It has earned the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) BioPreferred® designation. As clarified by TENCEL™, lyocell is one of two fibers that “originate from the renewable raw material wood, created by photosynthesis. The certified biobased fibers are manufactured using an environmentally responsible production process. The fibers are certified as compostable and biodegradable, and thus can fully revert back to nature.” 

Nollapelli chose TENCEL™ not only for its benefits in moisture management and enhanced breathability but also for its botanic origin and its environmentally responsible manufacturing process.

You can rest well knowing our soft sheets and pillowcases are safe for your skin and safe for the environment. 

Nollapelli is a zero waste solution. 

At the end of their useful life, Nollapelli's luxury linens will be collected through a partnership with Eco-Soap Bank. Our linens will be repaired by women and repurposed for use by hospitals in developing countries around the world. For now, this is being implemented for our hotel and spa partners, but we hope to roll out an option for our customers soon. 

Let’s show some love for our environment, our skin and our sleep, shall we?!