For the love of
skin and sleep,
our founder decided
it's time for something new.

It all started with beauty sleep

Did you know fine lines, wrinkles, and frizzy bedhead are tell tale signs your bed sheet fabric is working against your best skin and sleep? 

It’s true. Skin and hair damage can result from a sleep environment that is too hot, too damp, and with too much friction pulling on skin and hair.

Our founder and chemical engineer Allison Howard accepts aging from stress and time, but not from subpar bed sheet and pillowcase materials, so she problem-solved with science to create something new. 

Nollapelli's Name Means Love & Skin

Nollapelli is borrowed from the Finnish word for “love” paired with the Latin word for “skin.”

Skin science fell in love with textile technology.

It’s all about healthy relationships. By combining skin-loving, eco-friendly fibers and silky polymer yarns, we forged an ideal union for the best, softest, skin-loving bedding fabric. Our unique dual-face construction manages moisture, temperature and friction, thus preventing skin, hair and sleep damage. Our bed sheets basically work overtime so you don’t have to. Isn’t it time for sheets made from science to love you all night long?

Quality sleep is essential
We got tired of the current options

We broke up with the current options.

We want to look and feel our best, but we have no room for hard or high maintenance in our busy lives. From silk to cotton to linen to bamboo—no matter how high the thread count, we couldn’t find a pair of sheets that work in harmony with our bodies rather than against them, so we did what bosses do - we invented high-quality bed sheets that work with us.

And they slept happily ever after.

But this isn’t a one-night fling. Our Signature Sheet Set and Pillowcase Duo gets softer with every wash - which is just tossing in the washer and dryer by the way - and mega durable. We are in this better-for-you bedding thing for the long haul.

Geek out on our technology
So we created something new

Our mission:

  • To put sheets that sabatoge your skin and hair to bed.
  • To give you the best sleep you've never had.

A few words from our founder:

Have you ever woken up to creases on your skin and frizzy hair? Or to sweaty sheets in the middle of the night?

After spending the majority of my life answering “yes” to these questions, I got tired and started digging into what actually happens during our nightly sleep cycle in an effort to find out why I didn’t look or feel well-rested as often as I wanted to.

It turns out that our bodies release a lot of moisture while we sleep. Common bedding fabrics absorb this moisture and create a surface that rubs against our skin and hair, leading to that slept-on skin look and bedhead. And even worse, I found that over time, this repetitive damage can actually create permanent wrinkles.

I wanted a simple, easy, and effective solution that could help prevent long-term damage and improve my quality of sleep. So I put my chemical engineering skills to work and developed an innovative fabric able to do what no other fabric could—and that looks and feels really good too!

Allison Howard Text

Allison Howard
Founder and CEO

A Note From Our Founder