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Introducing better for you bedding, for wellness while you sleep

“It felt like getting into the best hotel bed of all time — except it was my bed, which is always better in my opinion.”

“Pillowcases from Nollapelli are perfect for preventing skin and hair damage while you sleep.”

“Nollapelli is an excellent choice for the wellness-focused luxury market.”

Elevate Your Sleep Experience

Fall asleep with ease and stay asleep all night
Surround yourself in a cool softness from head to toe
Say goodbye to overheating and night sweats
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Bodies are Our Obsession

Skincare products absorb into your skin and not into your pillowcase. (Yes, it is possible)
Bid adieu to bedhead and frizzy hair in the morning.
Never have to flip your pillow to the cool side again.
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“I was skeptical of how much better these sheets could really be. 2 weeks later, I am a believer. Truly the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had.” - Roland T, Lexington, N.C.

Sleep Care is the New Self Care

When parents put children to bed, not only are memories made, but a critical behavior is imprinted on us at an early age - go to bed intentionally. Stop the doing of the day and start getting ready to rest. This is different for everyone: reading, meditating, breathing exercises, skin care routine, long showers, dry brushing, yoga nidra, etc. Whatever your favorite way to wind down, put yourself to bed with intention.

Investing in bedding backed by skin science for a more comfortable sleep experience and healthier skin and hair is the summit of sleepcare. We believe bedding can deliver better sleep, and so does Bustle, "I woke up less throughout the night during the time I had the sheets on my bed, and when my alarm went off I felt more rested. Even though they felt great, I somehow had an easier time than ever getting out of bed in the morning.” Bustle’s 30 day experiment with Nollapelli bedding to test if our unique fabric truly improved sleep quality is expert endorsed, “The quality of the bedding we choose is extremely important to create a sleep environment that is conducive to sleep," according to sleep coach Ingrid Prueher. "If our body temperature rises too much or drops significantly our discomfort will have us tossing and turning all night."

What do we mean exactly when we say, sleep tighter and wake brighter? Energy is everything, so when you wake actually feeling and looking refreshed, your entire day begins on a high note. Greet your hydrated skin, smooth hair and restored body from our elevated bedding and transcend bad morning moods. Imagine what life can be like when it’s actually easy to get out of bed?!

We Rave About Our Reviews

“Silky and cool and they don't stick to you at all. I've been getting a much better night's sleep since putting these on my bed. Totally worth the investment!” - Kristy, Phoenixville, PA