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I like the pillowcase a lot. I think that it's really silky against your skin, and I don't feel it tugging or pulling at my creams/lotions at night. It washes well and doesn't seem like it loses softness or pills after washing, which I appreciate.

Nicki B., Pittsburgh

I feel less of a drag sleeping on these. Less drag (resistance) = less pulling = less tissue degeneration.

Amanda M., Pittsburgh

Unlike any other sheets I've slept on.

Amy M., Tucson

These sheets are the next generation in sleep comfort. I have never experienced a sheet product that is so soft and breathable and keeps you cool all through the night.

Tracey S., Washington DC

The sheets felt relaxing and contributed towards a more restful nights sleep.

Mansion's guest, Pittsburgh

“I can’t wait to change my sheets” said no one ever - until today when this was delivered to my door! Well done!

Laurie K., Indiana

The fabric is fantastic, it felt light, soft and strong.

Sonia M., Pittsburgh

My skin is encased in softness when I sleep! Finally my quest for the perfect sheets is over with Nollapelli!

Jessica M., Beaver Falls

You can really feel the difference of these sheets on your skin.

William G., Seattle

Love the sheets! Really a big change.

Brian S., Chapel Hill

My wife and I have absolutely loved the sheets we purchased during the holidays. I have to tell you we purchased a couple new sets from you and two other brands, and the Nollapelli sheets are hands down the best ones. We will have to get a second set soon!

Neal K., Snoqualmie

They look and feel really luxurious! Also very smooth and cool but not cold, and they maintain a steady temperature. I have been sleeping better and longer with my Nollapelli sheets!

Phil & Diane C., Jupiter

The sheets are so dreamy! I have had the privilege of sleeping on them and adore the fabric! It is silky smooth and appears from my experience to wick moisture and keep the body cool (these humid nights have been a good test in NYC)!

Rebecca R., New York

They are dreamy! I was surprised at the perfect fit of the fitted sheet! They are light, airy & soft. The perfect color, too!

Lesli C., Scottsdale

I just received my second set of sheets this week and am so happy with them. They totally exceed all my expectations. Everything that is said about them on the website is true. They are so luxurious. I have used my first set exclusively over the last 6 months and they have held up so well. They still look brand new. I look forward to many years of great sleep on my new sheets.

Erica T., McKeesport

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