The best bed sheets

Made with
bodies in mind

We went beyond thread count and innovated a new bedding fabric that works best for healthier skin, hair and sleep.

Why does skin science matter for bedding?

Our bodies naturally release moisture while sleeping, affecting both the temperature of the sleep environment and the friction between skin, hair and fabric. 

Managing the sleep environment trifecta of moisture, temperature and friction is not only for healthier skin and hair, it greatly affects how well one sleeps. Long story short, solving for beauty sleep solves for better sleep.

We call this the body-bedding connection.

What happens when you sleep on most fabrics


As you sleep your body naturally releases moisture


Your sheets absorb that moisture, creating friction with your skin and hair.

Slep-on skin and hair

You wake up with slept-on skin and unruly hair.


Night after night this friction creates permanent wrinkles and skin damage.

Traditional fabrics fall short

100% natural bed sheet fabrics like cotton, linen, hemp and bamboo can be soft, but they have an unaddressed downside - they absorb and hold on to moisture. This creates the damp discomfort of “sweating the bed” and disturbing sleep. 

It gets worse. A stickier surface emerges, as damp fabric pulls and tugs against skin and hair. And you know what that means? Fine lines, wrinkles, skin creases and slept-on skin and hair. Basically, skin and hair damage. If you are a skincare devotee obsessed with beauty, this should convince you to break-up with your current bedsheets, no matter how high the thread count.

The best sheets for skin = best sheets for sleep

We problem-solved with science to create high-quality, super soft bedding that is best for skin and sleep! But how?!

By combining skin-loving, eco-friendly fibers and silky polymer yarns in a unique dual-face construction, we developed a fabric innovation that prevents skin and hair damage while improving sleep quality. 

Its all in the blend


45% Tencel

Our hero ingredient Tencel is ultra breathable and shares the best of cotton and silk properties: absorption and softness. Plus it's more sustainable than most 100% natural bed sheet materials.


35% Nylon

Nylon was originally invented as an alterntive to silk as an fabric innovation for stockings. It's super durable, silky and soft on the skin, and cool to the touch.


20% Pima Cotton

We add just enough high-quality, natural Pima cotton to give our sheets the best and softest luxurious feel.


Dual-Face Fabric Does the Rest

In addition to a patent-pending combination of yarns, our signature bed sheets and pillowcases are made using a unique, dual-faced construction.

1. The side (or face) in direct contact with your body stays cool, dry and smooth.
2. The underside absorbs and quickly dissipates any excess moisture.

So which side is which? The side (or face) with the satin bead trim on the top sheet of our Signature Sheet Set and our Pillowcase Duo should touch your skin for the best results. (Pro tip: lay the top sheet satin bead face down, then fold it over at the top, and you’ll be all set!)

High quality bedding doesn’t mean high maintenance

Our patent-pending fabric is fancy, but it’s not finicky.

Our bed sheets and pillowcases are easy to care for, super durable, and get softer with every wash!

Simply machine wash separately, tumble dry and remove promptly to minimize wrinkling.

The Bottom Line? Beauty sleep is better sleep.

No more sticky, sweaty sheets that disrupt sleep or waking up with damaged, dehydrated skin and hair. Instead, sleep soundly on the softest and smoothest bed sheets science has to offer. Sleep tighter and wake brighter on our better-for-you bedding.

Threads that combine the best of both worlds