Fabric designed with
bodies in mind.

We’re pretty sure your ideal morning doesn’t involve worrying about bedhead, sleep lines, or dry skin. Which is why our innovative fabric works with the unique needs of your body.

Traditional Fabrics Fall Short:

Cotton, linen
and bamboo

retain moisture which disturbs sleep, causes bed-head, slept on skin and over time more lines and wrinkles.

sheets (polyester)

only wicks moisture and too much of it, which dries skin and hair.

Satin and silk

reduce friction but does nothing to manage temperature or moisture.

Take a closer look at what happens when you sleep on most fabrics


As you sleep your body naturally releases moisture


Your sheets absorb that moisture, creating friction with your skin and hair.

Slep-on skin and hair

You wake up with slept-on skin and unruly hair.


Night after night this friction creates permanent wrinkles and skin damage.

Stress and time may lead to fine lines and wrinkles, but your sheets definitely shouldn't.
The ideal fabric regulates moisture, friction, and temperature to support
healthier hair, skin, and sleep.

Threads that combine the best of both worlds.

A natural yarn and a synthetic yarn walk into a bar together… okay, there’s no punchline. But these two yarns do go well together, as we learned when we joined them to create our patent-pending combination that blends the benefits of each.

Threads that combine the best of both worlds

Natural Yarns

Natural yarns
  • • Derived from nature
  • • Breathable
  • • Hydrophilic (moisture-seeking)

Synthetic Yarns

Synthetic yarns
  • • More durable
  • • Smoother surface
  • • Hydrophobic (moisture-repelling)

High-quality sheets for high-quality sleep

Two types of yarn + dual-faced fabric = superior bedding. Not convinced? Check out some of the benefits:

Nollapelli's patent-pending signature bedding fabric for sheets & pillowcases is an innovation. Designed with skin science, our unique fiber blend and dual-face construction manages the 3 sleep environment factors: moisture, temperature and friction.

Ready to see and feel the difference?

Swap your sheets and slumber soundly on better for you bedding. Trust us you won't go back.