Sleep Lines Happen. Nollapelli is Here to Help.

A woman looking at the lines of her window shades

 As we open our eyes after a restful night’s sleep, our first thought is not about sleep lines on our face and how they can lead to permanent wrinkles. At Nollapelli, we are working to keep it that way.

Unlike common bedding with high thread counts, Nollapelli bedding fabric is woven together to create two distinct sides — or faces as we like to call them —to address the needs of our skin. Natural and synthetic yarns are woven together, a patent-pending combination brought to life by our founder and CEO, Allison Howard. This blend of science and nature provides an optimal environment for our skin at night.

The fabric side in contact with your skin is designed to stay dry, cool and smooth, while the fabric side underneath is designed to quickly absorb and dissipate moisture. This innovative combo allows our bedding to balance moisture, temperature and friction, all while you sleep. So, how does this help with sleep lines and wrinkles?

As we sleep, our body naturally releases moisture. We sweat or produce an excess of sebum, the oily substance our skin naturally produces to moisturize itself. Common bedding fabrics absorb that moisture leaving our skin dry and rough. This causes friction between our sheets and our skin. As we toss and turn throughout the night, our skin, now dehydrated from the loss of moisture, is being pulled on by our sheets. It is a battle most of us don’t even realize is happening. Over time, this friction leads to sleep lines and permanent skin damage.

By design, Nollapelli bedding balances excessive hydration from sweat or oil from sebum to reduce skin friction while we sleep. Our bedding does not pull at the skin. Our bedding does not suck the hydration from our skin either. We balance moisture and temperature, creating an optimal environment for our skin to rest and renew. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you can be good at what you do and in turn do good for others around you.

Let us help you feel good and help prevent sleep lines along the way.