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A New Outlook
on Bedding

Sleep is the time for us to shape the best versions of ourselves, and we believe that bedding should complement that.

How bedding impacts our skin has been an oversight for decades. For generations we’ve been sleeping on fabrics that absorb and hold on to moisture, creating a surface which sticks to your skin and pulls on it as you toss and turn.

We believe that it’s time to change our bedding and evolve how we think about sleep.

A Note From Our Founder

Allison HowardAfter noticing that my skin looked “slept on” first thing in the morning, I remembered that my grandmother always slept on a satin pillowcase. As a skin-conscious, busy mother of two, I wanted to look my best day and night, utilizing simple solutions that would not only help me look better but feel better too. So I started to dig into fabric properties and look into what actually happens with our skin during a nightly sleep cycle. I learned that every night, our bodies naturally release moisture.

Common bedding fabrics absorb this moisture, creating a surface that sticks to your skin and pulls on it as you toss and turn. Night after night this repetitive damage can become permanent in the form of wrinkles. I became determined to put my background in chemical engineering into practice and find a better solution.

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Allison Howard
Founder and CEO

Our Mission

We exist to give skin conscious consumers a new way to care for their skin. By integrating simple skin science principles into the creation of fabrics, we aim to not only revolutionize the textile industry, but also to create a new way for consumers to maximize skin health. Because when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you can be good at what you do and in turn do good for others around you. That's comprehensive wellness.

The word Nollapelli is from the Finnish word for "love." Pellis, appropriately enough, is the latin word for “skin.” We chose this name for our brand because we felt it perfectly reflected our mission and the foundations of love, comprehensive self-care and total wellness we are built on.

Our mantra:

When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you can be good at what you do and in turn do good for others around you.

Having great skin goes beyond our daily skincare routine and is only one piece of comprehensive well-being. While our products are directly aimed at improving skin health, our mantra is about finding the right balance to achieve overall wellness.

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