Nollapelli Wants to Help Close the Sleep Gap

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In the months since the death of George Floyd, Nollapelli has been listening, learning, amplifying and searching for meaningful ways we can support the BIPOC community. During this time of re-education, we are internally sharing our newfound lessons and un-learnings in the course of anti-racism work. One staff member recently shared her learnings about the Sleep Gap. 

In 2015, Sleep Journal (website no longer available) published a study showing the very real disparity of quality sleep and rest between Black and white Americans.  “The insufficient amount of sleep, the short sleep duration of the African-Americans really stood out,” says Susan Redline, a Harvard professor of sleep medicine and one of the study’s co-authors. “It really emphasized that African-Americans, as a group, are getting the least amount of sleep compared, at least, to the three other groups.” (Source: The Atlantic)

The news of this study spread, prompting many articles raising the general public’s awareness as to what the Sleep Gap is and why it matters (Google “Sleep Gap” and you’ll see).  Research has been accumulating on the Sleep Gap exploring the cause stemming from sleep deprivation practices over enslaved people followed by centuries of reinforced systemic racism, as well as the correlation between lack of sleep and stress, heart disease, diabetes, and early death. 

As we continue to learn about the Sleep Gap, we know for a fact a good night’s sleep, proper rest, and restoration is essential for everyone’s overall well being and is a human right. 

Enhancing one’s well being through the restoration of the body's skin while sleeping is Nollapelli’s unique offering to the world. We tout that, “our sheets are designed with bodies in mind,” because they truly are.  Our founder & CEO Allison Howard, a former chemical engineer, researched and developed Nollapelli’s fabric for two years before taking our better-for-you-bedding public.  

Allison was searching for a fabric solution that reduces fine lines and wrinkles in skin, dryness as well as bedhead. What she ended up designing is a stunningly simple and effective way to feel better both day and night. Nollapelli’s signature union of synthetic and natural yarns creates a sleep environment enveloped around the body balancing moisture, temperature, and friction all night long. This beauty secret goes beyond skin and hair care into what we call sleepcare. By creating a fabric environment conducive to the biggest sensory organ of the body, our skin, Nollapelli sheets encourage restfulness, extending “feeling good” beyond the skin to the whole body.

Nollapelli wants to spread sleepcare. Our soft bedding is more than a slogan, it is a real solution. With full hearts today we are announcing our Close the Sleep Gap initiative! Each Month, Nollapelli will be gifting a sheet set to BIPOC advocates for sleep and self care. We want to give an ideal night’s sleep to those raising visibility about the Sleep Gap, educating on the importance of sleep and sleep hygiene, and trumpeting the human right to pause and restore.

We believe sleepcare is self care, and everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. 

This is the start. We welcome all suggestions regarding how a bedding start-up can make real change in Closing the Sleep Gap because we believe Black Lives Matter.

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30 Days Risk Free Not in love? Return it. But you will be.
Free Shipping Thank Amazon ;0