What is Sleepcare?

Here at Nollapelli we are coalescing skincare and sleep because we believe there is a better solution to complement our nightly routine. Sleepcare is essential to realizing a balanced mental, physical and spiritual condition. Skincare is familiar in the wellness community, but sleepcare is new, uncharted. It is an area of care within the concept of comprehensive wellness which is often overlooked. It's time for a change. We are active participants in our wellness even after we close our eyes at night.

What is sleepcare? Sleepcare, we believe, is the intentional practice which improves and maximizes one’s overall well-being during and surrounding sleep. Embarking on a healthy activity level during the day (ideally a couple hours before bed) to improve the quality of your sleep and combat insomnia is sleepcare. Introducing sleep as an intentional ritual practice to ease your mind into a restful and appreciative state is sleepcare. Removing makeup before bed allowing the pores in your skin to breathe and rejuvenate during sleep is sleepcare. Investing in bedding backed by skin science for a comfortable sleep experience and healthier skin is sleepcare.

Sleepcare, like skincare, is an investment of time and intention. You can begin elevating your sleepcare routine with us. Our bedding is made from a patent-pending textile which better balances moisture, temperature and friction to create a healthier environment for your skin and overall comfort. Our bedding is a way to maximize skin health, which in turn, contributes to achieving overall wellness. Sleepcare is an essential piece of the overall care of one’s self. Sleepcare strengthens our mantra: when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you can be good at what you do and in turn do good for others.

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