Wellness Habits We’ve Broken in Quarantine (And How to Fix Them)

Wellness Habits We’ve Broken in Quarantine (And How to Fix Them)

When it comes to wellness, we are not perfect, we are human. Quarantine has thrown a curveball into our wellness routines and rituals, and our team has felt the effects. Here are the good wellness habits we have broken, the poor habits we have developed and how to get back on track.

Allison Howard, Founder & CEO


“Late night snacking. A big part of my job requires deep thinking, which for me requires quiet. With the kids home from school, my days are anything but quiet. I've always been a night owl and do great thinking when the world relaxes, and now I find myself staying up later just to get the thinking time I need. Fortunately I don't have to wake up as early as before, but I am struggling to disassociate late night work with late night snacking.”

TIP: There are scientific studies linking snacking and intellectual work. For Allison and all those late-night snackers, try hot lemon water or non-caffeinated tea. We consume hot beverages slower, and slower consumption gives us a sense of fullness. 

Sophia Berman Ogiso, Marketing Strategist

“One thing I have broken in quarantine is making my bed. I was on such a roll before this all started. In the last few weeks, I have made a much bigger effort to start making my bed again so that even when I'm home all day, it doesn't feel like I can just jump into taking a nap at any time.”

TIP: Use a post-it note as a reminder, use an old lipstick and write on your bedroom mirror, “Make the bed, then conquer the world!” A little act of wellness leads to another act of wellness or kindness and then another one. Before you know it, you are moving through the day feeling good and doing good. 

Liz Sterrett, Social Media Strategist


“I have definitely fallen off the exercise wagon during quarantine. I started off with the mindset of getting #quarantinefit, but then my mental wellness needed some more focus, as I became drained from the exhausting monotony of single-parenting, home-schooling, and working two jobs. Let’s just say I am not #quarantinefit.”


Tip: First of all, we are proud of you, Liz for giving attention to your mental health. Sometimes one aspect of wellness is sacrificed to give full attention to another, and that is okay. Walking, stretching and dancing in the living room to Dua Lipa is a great place to jump start your physical activity when you are ready. 


Elysia Newman, Creative Partnerships

"During this time, I've been learning to cut myself a little more slack. Spending all this time at home with myself and my husband, I am finding that there are a lot of ways to pick myself apart and drive myself nuts, especially if I don't take a deep breath and let go every so often! Before I was also very strict and wouldn't let myself sleep-in past a certain point in the morning. Even on weekends! Now I am listening to my body better and giving myself a little more flexibility to catch up on sleep when I feel that I need it. It has been pure bliss and I will definitely carry this habit into my life post-quarantine."

Tip: Keep going, Elysia! And to all those listening to your bodies and forging new, effective wellness routines, cheers, you are doing great!

Abigail Kneuss, Marketing Intern

“My skincare routine of making sure I wash my face first thing in the morning and before bed has been affected. Entering a whole different schedule caused me to stay up late and wake up late. I had no motivation to keep my routine. I've fixed it by making myself a new routine at home where even if I am staying up later and waking up later, I have consistency when I sleep and wake up. This has allowed me to have set times to take care of my skin.” 

Tip: Yes, Abigail!! With any major change in your life, it is a good idea to revisit your wellness rituals and routines. Pinpoint where the routine is faltering, and adjust. Routines need a refresh from time to time, too. 

Jessa Gibboney, Content Writer

“I’ve brought my computer into bed! The intention is to do a little writing, but I always end up watching Grace & Frankie on Netflix. Before I know it, it’s 2:08 a.m.” 

Tip: No screens two to three hours prior to bed is necessary for a quality night’s sleep - it allows melatonin to be released and keeps your circadian rhythm on a natural, healthy track. As the writer behind the blog, I have a challenge for myself - sleep before screens! If I want to write before bed, a pen and notebook will do just fine. 

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30 Days Risk Free Not in love? Return it. But you will be.
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