Our Promise to You and Your Skin

Nollapelli's soft pillowcases and signature sheets

The impact bedding has on our skin is a conversation long overdue. Here at Nollapelli, we are creating the first-ever bedding engineered for skin health. We aim to spark a new mindset around sleep and the fabrics upon which we rest our heads. This mindset is a pivotal microcosm of comprehensive wellness. As we champion this bedding revolution, our mission remains the same. We want to give you, our skin-conscious community, a new way to maximize skin health.  

Nollapelli is the Finnish word for “love.” Our company is built on the pillars of love, from self-love to acts of love for others. Love is essential, and like skin health, is fundamental to balanced wellness.

“Pellis” is the Latin word for “skin.” Skin, as your largest organ, deserves intentional care. The revolutionary textile composition in our bedding balances moisture, temperature, and friction while you sleep. This creates an optimal environment for your skin to thrive.

nollapelli bedding skincare wellness

It is appropriate that love and skin are prevalent in the foundation of our name. It is found in a memory, our founder, Allison Howard, visits often; the image of her grandmother and her satin pillowcase. Her grandmother did not overlook the quotidian task of sleep and how it improved her complete beauty practice. The smooth satin pillowcase kept her hair and skin primed for the next day. It provided luxury to the routine. It helped Allison’s grandmother place her best face forward, not only for herself but for others whom she came into contact with her. She was living our mantra before it was coined: when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you can be good at what you do and in turn, do good for others around you.

nollapelli bedding skincare wellness

Today, we continue the wellness legacy of Allison’s grandmother. We eat, breathe, and yes, sleep, our mantra. Our commitment now and always will lie with you. Through our innovative bedding to maximize skin health, we want you to look and feel your best. When this is achieved, you can illuminate even the darkest corners of your life and cast joy onto others.

Thank you for joining us on this bedding revolution.