Five Sleep Care Gifts from Black and POC Owned Businesses

Five Sleep Care Gifts from Black and POC Owned Businesses

‘Tis the season for gifting! 

This year, we urge you to think about who and what your money supports. Mindful sleep care practices go hand in hand with mindful spending. With this year marking a much-needed call for social justice (remember, rest fuels the resistance), we encourage supporting Black and Persons of Color owned small businesses championing sleep care.

Shopping small and mindfully supports the local community where the business is based and is more sustainable, not to mention, it powers the innovators and dreamers, like our founder Allison Howard, behind the business.

Here are five sleep care gifts from Black and POC businesses to power your loved one’s sleep! 

Image via @harriets_bookshop

Harriet’s Bookshop Gift Card ($5 - $50)

Reading is proven to reduce stress by lowering one’s heart rate and easing tension in your mind and muscles. It is an ideal gift for sleep! Purchase a gift card from Harriet’s Bookshop, a new and popular bookstore located in the Fishtown Neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. Owned by Jeannine A. Cook, Harriet’s Bookshop is named after the iconic Harriet Tubman and serves up books focused on women innovators, activists and artists. 

Image via BLOOM

Lavender Hair Conditioner, BLOOM All National & Organic Hair and Skin Care ($15)

Sleep care is hair care. When your hair is properly hydrated prior to bed (and in combination with Nollapelli sheets), you can say no to dry, brittle bedhead in the morning. We love this Lavender Hair Conditioner from BLOOM because of the focus on natural ingredients promoting moisture. The calming scent of lavender is also a perfect scent to relax the hair and mind before bed. 

Robyn Greer, founder of BLOOM, is based in Pittsburgh, PA, our founder Allison’s hometown. She is a force, a mother, a stylist, an entrepreneur and boasts more than 25 years of experience in the hair care industry. 

Queen of Flowers Body Wash, Violet Botanical Skincare ($25)

Honor your sleep, honor your skin as Robbin Turner, founder of Violet Botanical Skincare, honors Mother Earth and the tradition of women with her sleep care products. This body wash, personally used by Nollapelli’s Editorial Lead, Jessa, radiates opulence at an affordable price. It is rich in smell and moisture leaving your whole body (remember skin is the largest organ!!) properly hydrated before rolling into your Nollapelli sheets. 

Image via @freemvmtshop

Zoom Live 5 Class Pack, Free Mvmt Shop ($50)

Physical movement during the day leads to better quality sleep at night and helps fight insomnia. So, yes, exercise is sleep care! The Free Mvmt Shop believes in intentional exercise for the body, mind and the artistic spirit. Due to COVID-19, their studio in Chicago is currently closed, but Zoom Live classes are now available. 

Purchasing a five class pack for a loved one gives them access to an array of classes, such as Air B + B Yoga, focusing on the breathe and body, and Corechella, an intense abdominal workout. 

Image via Humanist Beauty

Herban Wisdom™ Facial Oil, Humanist Beauty ($60)

Radical inclusion is the name of Jennifer Norman’s game. She is the founder of The Human Beauty Movement and Humanist Beauty, and our first Beyond the Sheets video interview! Herban Wisdom™ Facial Oil is the first product of Humanist Beauty. It is a plant-based facial oil rich in antioxidant, adaptogenic (stress-reducing), anti-aging and moisturizing properties. 

In partnership with Candoable™, Humanist Beauty also offers a Braille ID Band which effortlessly fits around the oil bottle. 

If you want to try Herban Wisdom™ Facial Oil first before purchasing, Humanist Beauty is offering a free sample while supplies last! All you have to do is pay for the $10 shipping fee. 

There are many more Black and POC businesses to support. Tag us (@nollpelli) on Instagram with your favorite sleep care products from Black and POC owned businesses!

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30 Days Risk Free Not in love? Return it. But you will be.
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30 Days Risk Free Not in love? Return it. But you will be.
Free Shipping Thank Amazon ;0