Create Your Haven For Less This Winter

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We all have a friend or person we know through social media ties who just returned from a weekend-long yoga or meditation retreat looking rejuvenated and healthy, and most importantly, happy. (Insert sigh). How nice would it be to have the time and the resources to participate in our own wellness retreat? No more wishing. You can find a wellness sanctuary without emptying your wallet.

Start with Airbnb. Airbnb is bursting with hidden hideaways, from cabins to vacation homes, at an affordable price. Search for locations between one to two hours from your home. This gives you distance from your everyday grind, but also saves on costs associated with travel, such as gas and flights. Book for one to two days. If you can swing it, schedule during the week. Weekday pricing sometimes can be cheaper than weekends.

Look for an Airbnb location you can have all to your own (do not sign up for a room in a house or attached to a building). Retreats are a time for mindfulness and quiet, a time to connect with oneself. Do not waste that time being cordial with your hosts.  

Once a location is booked, set a goal for your retreat. What do you want from this time away? Do you want to focus on mental health, pamper yourself or address stress or maybe sit with an upcoming decision in your life? No matter the goal, a firm goal allows the activities in the retreat to fall into place.

Schedule your days to use your time efficiently and effectively. Of course, there can be spontaneity, but lay out activities that will help achieve your wellness goal. Plan healthy meals, set aside time for journaling or meditation. Incorporate physical activity during the day. Spend time in the fresh air. SLEEP. Bring along your soft Nollapelli bedsheets for maximized rest. Schedule naps! Just remember to keep naps under 30 minutes and before 2 pm so as not to disrupt your sleep time. Seek activities that will nourish and restore your body, mind, and soul.

Bring items to set a calming mood. Smell is powerful. Bring quality candles or incense to create an inviting and peaceful atmosphere. Create a tranquil playlist on your phone. Not good with music? Try our Cozy playlist. Bring items to continue your sleepcare routine in tact, and don’t forget your soft Nollapelli sheets!

Retreats do not have to be excessive. Keep it simple. As Erin Wexstten, founder of Oxalis Apothecary and latest Beyond the Sheets interviewee, said, “it’s about taking back our time.” The retreat time is yours; a time to refresh and ignite happiness.

(Image Credits @spokenlikeasailor)

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30 Days Risk Free Not in love? Return it. But you will be.
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30 Days Risk Free Not in love? Return it. But you will be.
Free Shipping Thank Amazon ;0