Maintaining Your Nighttime Routine While Traveling

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Maintaining Your Nighttime Routine While Traveling

Traveling is one of life’s great joys. Exploring new places unlocks another level on our journey to self-discovery. We lower our guard and curiosity takes the lead. During this state of discovery, routines can be put on pause. However, wellness is more crucial than ever while traveling. Traveling can make for long days full of physical and mental stimulation. Maintaining a piece of our wellness care, such as a nighttime routine, while away from home gives our body and mind the elevated energy it needs to fully absorb the fresh surroundings. It is a peace of mind and a piece of home we can bring with us. Read on for tips to ensure your nighttime routine remains intact while traveling.    

Duplicate Your Routine (Even Before Travel Plans are Set)

As you establish a wellness routine at night, prep your practices for the road, even if travel plans have yet to be set. You never know when the road, or the sky, will call your name! The cleanser, moisturizer, or other beauty products applied to your skin every evening, place a travel-size amount in a three-ounce glass jar and pack in your travel cosmetic bag. The goal is to mimic your nighttime routine products on a small scale and have them pre-packed. Make a list of the items that cannot be divided or duplicated, such as crystals, books, or journals, and place this wellness list in the travel bag as well. Creating this list and preparing travel-size amounts of beauty products ensures items are not forgotten and places you ahead before wanderlust takes over.

Pack Your Pillowcase

Traveling, though thrilling, puts additional strain on the skin. Your skin is exposed to different elements and climates and for longer periods of time. Do not overlook packing your soft Nollapelli pillowcase. Our bedding balances moisture, temperature and friction creating a familiar and improved environment for your skin. Nollapelli bedding does not pull or absorb moisture from the skin ensuring your skin looks rested and healthy for the day (and all those travel photos!). It is a comfort from home with your skin in mind because when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you can fully immerse yourself in new experiences.

Organize Upon Arrival

When you arrive at your destination, take five to ten minutes to organize your nighttime wellness routine. Arriving at your destination is exciting, but resist the urge to skip this step. Place your preferred beauty items near the wash area. Arrange the necessary items, such as affirmations or a book, near your bed in a comforting place. Complete a quick walk-through of your nighttime routine to acquire a level of familiarity with the space. When your room is primed for your nighttime routine, you are more likely to follow-through with the practice.

Monitor Alcohol and Caffeine Consumption Before Bed

Indulging is a part of travel, especially in the evening hours. Be mindful of the amount and timing of your indulgence. Increased caffeine and alcohol consumption a few hours before bed can disrupt sleep and influence your nighttime wellness routine in a negative way, skipping steps leading to disrupted sleep. Enjoy yourself, but be aware of your consumption as the sun sets.   

No matter where you go or what you do, keep your skincare in mind and your soft Nollapelli pillowcase on hand!