Do This One Thing. Your Skin Will Thank You.

Do This One Thing. Your Skin Will Thank You.

Skincare is not complicated. The simplest commitments, those small acts of maintenance, can lead to the most effective results. Learn the one thing you can do today to better your skin, and as a result, nourish your overall wellbeing.

One thing we can do to better our skin, and as a result, feel better: wash our sheets. 

Washing sheets is seen as a chore, not a step in a skincare routine. Let’s change that. This act of maintenance is crucial to the betterment of our skin. 

Washing sheets once a week removes dust, debris and bacteria which inevitably collects from our body and the environment surrounding us while we sleep. The buildup of bacteria, particularly when we allow sheets to go unwashed for more than a week, can contribute to numerous skin problems such as skin irritation or even awakening pre-existing acne.  

When washing, we recommend using natural and organic detergent to prevent contact with chemicals that can further irritate the skin. Wash in warm water (90 degrees Fahrenheit, 32 degrees Celsius). Using warmer water sanitizes and prevents the spread of germs. Tumble dry the sheets on low and remove from both the washer and dryer promptly to minimize wrinkling. 

Taking care of our sheets is an intentional step toward the betterment of our wellbeing. Think of bedsheets as an extension of our skin. We wouldn’t skip cleansing our face for a day. Let’s not ignore cleansing our sheets.