We Made Cotton Cute

Your best beauty sleep is just a sheet set away.

Sleep is tough on
skin and hair

There are significant beauty drawbacks to sleeping on 100% cotton bedding. Cotton attracts moisture from your body and clings desperately to it, simultaneously dehydrating your skin and hair while creating a sweaty, frictiony (stay with us) night’s sleep. Dehydration and friction—those irksome bedfellows—equal unruly hair, slept-on skin, fine lines, and wrinkles over time. That doesn’t sound like beauty sleep to us! Nollapelli uses 20% of the finest Pima cotton, and that is just enough to retain cotton's best qualities without compromising waking up cute in the morning.
Our Sheets are Cuter

Why are Nollapelli sheets better?

  • 20% fine Pima Cotton = super cute
  • 45% Tencel sustainable wood pulp fiber
  • 35% Nylon, a silky polymer
  • Engineered with skin science to prevent damage
  • Wake with hydrated skin & hair
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Try risk-free for 30 days!
So are Our Pillowcases
Nollapelli pillowcases are perfect for preventing skin and hair damage while you sleep. — via Conde Nast Traveler
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Sleep care is self care

Simply put, we exist to enhance your beauty sleep, to make that fundamental of self care as holistically restorative as it can be. Our signature skin-loving fabric is designed to balance moisture, friction and temperature for healthier hair and skin and better shut-eye overall. And since our sheets and pillowcases are made with a luxe blend of natural, eco-friendly fibers, silky polymers and a touch of cotton, they don’t share the skin- and hair-damaging properties of many other sheets on the market. In fact, we’ve engineered our fabric to retain the perfect amount of moisture to restore your skin and hair while you sleep.

Absolutely LOVE these sheets!...

"Swear my skin feels better and more hydrated than ever! My la mer cream stays on my skin and is not sucked up into the pillow. Very important for me! Thanks Nollapelli!" - Colleen D.
These also don't make me wake up with crazy matted bed-head. YOU NEED THESE. — via Buzzfeed
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Invest in your sleep—and yourself

We know you could buy sheets for less at a department store or big box retailer and call it a night, but we have a feeling that if you’re still with us this far down the page (Hi!), you’re starting to understand the benefits of making an investment in your sleep. Think about it another way: You’re spending hard-earned cash on products to make your skin and hair look amazing, but if your 100% cotton pillowcase and sheets are absorbing all of that goodness before your skin can, what’s the point? We believe our bedding is the next generation of skin care, hair care, and self care—engineered by beauty sleep science.
Invest in your beauty sleep
Spent my first night sleeping on the pillowcase this past week and wow!
"That dry feeling that I would experience on my face when I woke simply didn’t happen. The fabric let me retain my natural moisture in my hair as well. I really struggle with my hair breaking now that I let it go natural, curly and wild, especially at night when I sleep, so for me that was huge!" — Chelsea A.
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So if you’ve ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror in the morning and thought, “Whoa, I slept hard,” thanks to off-the-charts bedhead and deep face creases, ask yourself: What if your beauty sleep actually made you look more beautiful? We can honestly say our sheets do just that.

Look as good as you feel

Trade up your 100% cotton bedding for our patent-pending sheets—we’re making skin- and hair care as easy as 1, 2, zzz
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