100% Cotton Isn't Cool.

100% cotton is 100% not the best choice for sleeping—give it the night off for good.

Our patent-pending fabric is 200x more breathable than 100% cotton

Don’t get us wrong. Cotton is great. We even use some in our signature skin-loving fabric (20% fine cotton along with 45% Tencel - a sustainable natural wood fiber, and 35% of a silky polymer nylon to be exact). But to elevate your sleep experience, we have to share a hard truth about the way you’ve been catching zzz’s until now: Your 100% cotton bedding is doing absolutely nothing for your slumber.
Our Sheets are Cooler

Why Are Nollapelli Sheets Better?

  • Nollapelli has 20% fine pima cotton = super cool
  • Manages moisture, temperature and friction
  • Engineered with skin science in mind
  • Sateen weave. dual-face construction
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Try risk-free for 30 days!
So are Our Pillowcases

Cotton sheets are ruining your sleep

If you’ve ever awoken a little damp, a little clammy, and maybe even a little peeved at how darn sweaty your sheets get in the night, then you’ve experienced cotton’s uncanny ability to attract and hold onto moisture. This is precisely what you want when you reach for a cotton bath towel after your shower, but not what you need when you’re trying to get restful sleep.
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For years, I have bought expensive cotton sheets. After a few nights of sleeping on your product, I realized that you had solved a problem that I didn’t realize was solvable!...no more night sweats, no more clammy cold damp sheets in the morning, but most importantly, no more restless nights! On top of that, they are the most comfortable and soft sheets I have ever slept on! — Jonathan I.
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Once cotton gets wet, it stays wet

Let’s go a little deeper. To paraphrase the website How Stuff Works, the basic molecular structure of cotton is perfectly constructed to collect moisture. Oxygen-hydrogen groupings line the edge of cotton’s long cellulose molecule and attract water—whose magnet-like molecular structure clings to anything with an opposite charge—sucking it right up into its fibers. Fibers which, by the way, can hold up to 25 times their weight in liquid. Long, sciencey story short: Once cotton gets wet, it stays wet.

It’s looking worse for 100% cotton
(and your skin and hair)

We learned that cotton is naturally thirsty, and it will absorb whatever moisture it comes into contact with—including the moisture released from your body during sleep. As if that weren’t bad enough, cotton fibers, especially when wet, tug and pull on your skin and hair as you move in your sleep. All of that tugging and pulling contributes to fine lines and wrinkles—not to mention the dreaded frizz and bedhead.
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Sometimes you just don’t realize what a difference can be accomplished by changes in the fabric you lay your head on. Most noticeably that dry feeling that I would experience on my face when I woke simply didn’t happen. The fabric let me retain my natural moisture in my hair as well. I really struggle with my hair breaking now that I let it go natural, curly and wild, especially at night when I sleep so for me that was huge! — Chelsea A.
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Nollapelli sheets are not 100% cotton—and that’s a good thing

When you go out for a jog, hit some tennis balls, or step onto the yoga mat, chances are you’re not wearing 100% cotton clothing. Why? Simple: A little sweat and suddenly your tee is soggy, heavy and uncomfortable, which doesn’t translate to a great workout. Instead, you pull on your trusty athletic gear, high-tech garments whose tightly woven synthetic fibers prevent moisture from getting trapped in the cloth, keeping skin dry and temperature-regulated.

The perfect balance for your skin and sleep

Our patent-pending fabric is engineered to balance temperature, moisture and friction to keep you amazingly comfortable all through the night. Even better? We not only offer the coolest sheets around, but also the softest. Don’t just take our word for it: The Sleep Foundation awarded us the title of 2021 Best Cooling Softest Sheets.
There is a definite difference with Nollapelli sheets versus my standard high end cotton sheets. Moisture and temperature are very well controlled (my wife also agrees as we have very different temperature settings at night) and they feel even better and so comfortable! —Nicolas
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Look as good as you slept

Our fabric combines the best properties of natural and synthetic fibers. Its blend of 45% Tencel® lyocell (you might have some in your wardrobe; it’s produced from sustainably sourced wood and is often used in silky, breathable, wrinkle-resistant clothing), 35% nylon—a hydrophobic fiber which means it won’t hang on to moisture—and yes, 20% cotton, means you’ll have a cooler, drier, more comfortable night’s sleep. And when you wake up, you’ll look as good as you slept.
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It’s time to break-up with your bedsheets.

Trade up your 100% cotton bedding for our patent-pending sheets. You won’t sleep the same way again.
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