Wellness is Self-full, not Selfish

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We are entering a new decade, the roaring ‘20s of the 2000s. How to further improve our sleep and wellness has been top of mind (surprise!). Going into 2020, we want to redefine the time we dedicate to our health. The time away from the world, the focus on us, and only us is not selfish. It is self-full. 

Self-full sounds nice, doesn’t it? It gives a sense of satisfaction and completeness. A person who is self-full is balanced and has a positive relationship with the self. They listen to their mind and bodies and honor what they need. Feeling self-full comes from investing time and energy into wellness, and of course, that includes investing in sleep and the bedsheets you sleep on. 

It is not always easy. Feelings of guilt tend to take control when we dedicate time to ourselves. We are nurturers and supporters; the world demands a lot of us. We feel as though we are asking too much or maybe even feel embarrassed to take an hour for ourselves away from family and friends. These feelings are a trap. It prevents us from achieving self-optimization. More simply, it prevents us from feeling good. 

Carving out time to better your wellness, whether that is a regimented sleep/wake schedule or a hot bath by candlelight or investing in quality bed sheets like our soft and innovative bedsheets, improves our presence with others and our service to them. This is the opposite of selfish. You can’t drive a car on an empty tank, and you cannot physically and mentally take care of others if you don’t do it for yourself first. Investing in ourselves is investing in others.

Let’s be self-full in our wellness this year. Let’s drive our feelings of shame associated with health and wellness. You deserve to feel full and good and healthy.

“We’re part of the fabric of life and we, ourselves, are our little patch to take care of.”

Rachel W. Cole, a certified life coach.

May your wellness cup runneth over this year, friends. 

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30 Days Risk Free Not in love? Return it. But you will be.
Free Shipping Thank Amazon ;0