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Pilling immediately

We haven't even washed our sheets once and they've already started to pill after ~2 weeks of use.

Hello and thank you very much for alerting us to this issue- it is never our intention to provide a product that is not top quality, and we would like to make things right for you.
We are following up with you directly via email to rectify the issue. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to quickly resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

Love the sheets!

I couldn't wait to get the sheets since I have known Allison since childhood and knew her work ethic in school. We attended the same high school and university. So I knew this was going to be a good experience. Well, it more than exceeded my expectations. As a business owner and father, I have a lot on my mind every day and night. The sheets are amazing and I am sleeping better every night. I actually go to bed earlier now (yes, I am getting older but also see the value in getting a better nights sleep). I would love to see the possiblity of extending the brand into other categories like bath towels and wash cloths. Thank you Allison ansd Nollapelli!

Best nights sleep ever!!!

These are the most comfortable and cool sheets!!! Felt like sleeping on a cloud!

Sheets of Joy

Wonderful, well-made product that provides restful, comfortable sleep. If you value the hours spent lying in bed as not just "sleeping" but rather as an important part of your health, you will appreciate these sheets. The texture and temperature control are spot on. Sleep well, friends!

Awesome sheets!

Great night's sleep as promised!! However, I still look my age of 66 when I awaken.

Feeling silky and fresh

Beautiful feeling of softness and freshness sleeping on my new Nolapelli sheets. Despite being silky, they don’t slide and stay in place. Really happy about my first purchase 🙏🥰

Best Sheets Ever

These sheets are the best. Started with one set and I have now purchased 5 sets - two for me and three for gifts. They people I have gifted them too love them too. Highly recommend.

Best sheets ever

Sheets are not something I would have thought I'd ever spend so much money on, but my husband discovered these and took the plunge. The sheets are incredible! Soft and chilly, which I love! Liked them so much we bought for my son and DIL for Xmas. They stated they are now their favorite sheets!!!

Unfortunately too tight

We bought two masks for our upcoming air travel last week. Unfortunately we both felt the masks were too tight, my husband in particular, so we did not use them. However we love love love the sheets!!!!

Hello and thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us! We're terribly sorry to hear that the fit of our eye masks did not work for you. We are working on a design modification and will be in touch via email to share more details with you.

A 5 Star Luxury sheet!

Since purchasing Nollapelli sheets on a TV promotion, have compared everything I previously owned with them….and there is no comparison! We feel wrapped in luxury with them on our bed, cool in the summer and laundering just brings out their softness. All my beds are being converted to Nollapelli

I’m a sleep goddess & warrior now!

Thanks to my amazing restorative eye mask my sleep metrics from my Oura sleep tracker have improved: I’m a sleep goddess & sleep warrior! Thanks Allison & the Nollapelli team for your innovation and sleep solutions 🎋🌟💕

Nice sheets

The sheets are delightful to sleep on/between. They are silky to the touch and seem to keep an even temperature at night. I gave only 4 stars since I prefer sheets with a pattern (stripes) that allows me to know one end from the other for a king size bottom sheet and the bottom sheet is almost too over-sized even though we have a deep mattress.

Amazing sheets!

This is our first experience with Nollapelli sheets and they did not disappoint! They are incredibly soft and comfortable. Great nights sleep with these sheets!



Fabulous Face Mask

As promised, I am sleeping better now that I am using the face mask. There’s no light waking me up and I’m getting more sleep and feel refreshed. Now if only Nollapelli had a product to make my dog stop barking in the early morning hours!

Restore Bundle
Can't sleep without this pillow case!

I'm a side sleeper who does not move much when I sleep. If I want to avoid sleep lines, my Nollapelli pillow case is a MUST!! The eye mask, of course, is an extra bonus and necessary for daytime napping.

Great Quality

This pillowcase is very good quality and soft.

Best sheets ever!!

These are so soft & wash up so nicely. They are the only sheets I’ve found that fit easily on my queen bed.

Signature Sheet Set
Jacqueline G.
I got a second set!

After using Nollapelli on my bed and experiencing the benefits of the smooth linen, soft & silky, and they keep my temperature regulated no matter what time of year, I wanted another set for my daughters room! They arrived in the most beautiful packaging with a kind note from the Founder. I am happy to see the impact they have on helping achieve a restorative night's sleep! Next stop... Nollapelli for Christmas gifts!

Wonderful pillowcase!

I am using the pillowcase and it is very smooth and nice. No wrinkles on my face in the a.m.!


I'm not really one to sleep with a mask on - other than on planes - so when I got this I really didn't know what to expect, but I certainly didn't expect to be writing such a review on its incredible benefits.
First, the fabric is wonderful and the mask really holds on to my head - not tight, but more really, really well-fitted, and it doesn't move once it's on. The fitting feels somehow comforting, in a way. It's a strange thing to write, but I don't know how else to describe it.
I've been using this mask for a few days already, and I have a feeling that it is helping with the puffiness around my eyes when I wake up. Every morning I look in the mirror and I truly think that it is strangely making my eyes less puffy. I say "strangely" because I wasn't aware that sleep-masks could do that, but here I am; proof that a good eye-mask can do wonders.
As I said, I have never slept with an eye mask before, but now I wonder why I waited so long. This is mask a hidden secret, and I'll be wearing it every night from now on. I cannot say enough amazing things about it.

I can't sleep without it!

I have been sleeping with this mask for several weeks and I love it. The quality of the material and its size is what really makes the difference in my eye/forehead area. Not only helps me to block out light in the mornings but I can fall asleep faster too. It really is like my eyes need it and I can't sleep without it at night anymore!!. It's a must-have!

Feels like I sleep on Clouds

I love my Nollapelli Sheets! I can't wait to jump into my bed each night because these sheets are sooooo very comfortable. I've not had a restless night since I put them on my bed. I have to get another pair so I can rest them when laundry day rolls around. They wash well and dry quickly. I plan to add them to the collection at my B&B. The only downside is my siamese cat loves them too and she likes to hog my side of the bed.

Amazing Results!

I have worn eye masks for years, primarily to block out all light while I sleep. When I learned about the restorative properties of the Nollapelli Eye Mask, I welcomed the opportunity to try it. I have not been disappointed! Not only does it block out all light, it is lightweight, snug fitting yet comfortable, and the fabric is designed to reduce fine lines, puffiness and dark circles! After using the mask for a little over 30 days, I definitely see a noticeable improvement of less lines around my eyes and disappearance of forehead lines and have attached photos as proof! I intend to keep using the Nollapelli eye mask for continued results, and I highly recommend others to try it as well! Oh, by the way, I am 73 years young!!

Love. Love. Love.

I had tried sleeping with sleep masks a few times before but they always felt uncomfortable and in the way. This one was so comfortable and easy. It stayed in place, despite my tossing and turning, and laid perfectly over my eyes.
I fall asleep faster and sleep so much better with this amazing mask. In fact, on the rare occasion that I forget to wear it, I find myself tossing and turning until I remember to put it on. Then I fall asleep right away - like magic.

As an extra bonus, my eyes look less puffy and more well rested.