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They certainly do cool you!

Bought these to help combat the expense of running air conditioning this very hot summer. They are as advertised. Had a bit of a hiccup with them and customer service worked with us until we were satisfied. That says a lot these days!

Super Cool

I loved my sheets. Really keeps cool. Fantastic fabric.

My skin never looked better!

We are so happy with our sheets, the fabric is luxurious and love that it really fits our King size bed, as opposed to other brands where you're fighting to make them fit. Customer service is second to none, our initial order had some issues and they immediately sent us a new set, so now I have double the pillow cases, which I can't sleep without. I even take a one with me when I travel, that's how much I notice a difference in my face when I wake up.

Incredibly Soft and Luxurious

I recently purchased Nollapelli sheets and I am absolutely in love with them. Living in Arizona, where having cool bedding is a big deal, these sheets truly deliver in every aspect. They are incredibly soft and provide a luxurious feel against my skin. The sheets keep me cool throughout the night. These sheets are 100% worth it.


I loved these sheets until I didn't. I want so much to love these sheets. They are cool to sleep on as advertised which is great. Unfortunately, after 3 uses, the sheets have pilled so bad that it is actually uncomfortable to sleep on. I am at a loss as to what to do. The bottom sheet is much worse but even the top sheet has pills (just not as many). Would love to know how to address these so I can actual sleep on these sheets. They are to expensive not to use again.

Hello and thank you so very much for bringing this to our attention- it is never our intention to provide a product that is not top quality, and we hope you give us the chance to make things right for you. We've already reached out to you directly regarding next steps. We are grateful to have you as a Nollapelli customer!

Great Sleep Experience

Great experience overall, very fast/efficient shipping and the sheets seem to be getting even better with time!

Not too tight

When I received my eye mask, I tried it on and it felt too tight. I planned to return it and was quickly given a return label from cs when I requested it. I decided to give it another try. I wore it to bed last night and was surprised how comfy it is. I could sleep without being woken. It’s quite comfy when you adjust the two straps correctly.

Perfect sheets

The sheets are super nice.. material mis thin and has some what of a silk feel

Best sheets ever!

Softest, most comfortable sheets ever. I have significant skin issues which have improved since I got these sheets! I got a set for every bed in the house.

Getting more deep sleep

According to my Fitbit when I'm wearing this mask I get more deep sleep on average than when I'm not wearing it. It took me while to get used to it maybe three nights or so. But it's super comfortable and I love what it's doing for the puffy undereyes.

Best sheets ever!

These sheets are so soft and cozy. Even my husband noticed the difference. I’m getting another set!


I appreciate the quality of your pillow cases. I have purchased multiple sets of them. They are working out well.

Beauty Pillowcase
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Pillowcase review

I love them. I just feel better when I wake up

Not for Me

Fitted bottom sheet does is too big for our queen Tempur-pedic mattress. No matter how much you tuck the sides under the mattress, the sheet is a wadded up mess by morning.

Thank you for leaving us a review! Feedback from customers is very valuable and we are grateful for your time to share your thoughts. We're sorry to hear that the fitted sheet does not fit for you. Although our fabric does not shrink as much as cotton, perhaps a few washes will improve the fit on your mattress. We very much appreciate you giving Nollapelli a try and send you best wishes for your best rest.

Cool Rest

These sheets are the best….comfy softness and cool to the touch with only a “refreshing stretch”. Highly recommend

Pilling immediately

We haven't even washed our sheets once and they've already started to pill after ~2 weeks of use.

Hello and thank you very much for alerting us to this issue- it is never our intention to provide a product that is not top quality, and we would like to make things right for you.
We are following up with you directly via email to rectify the issue. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to quickly resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

Love the sheets!

I couldn't wait to get the sheets since I have known Allison since childhood and knew her work ethic in school. We attended the same high school and university. So I knew this was going to be a good experience. Well, it more than exceeded my expectations. As a business owner and father, I have a lot on my mind every day and night. The sheets are amazing and I am sleeping better every night. I actually go to bed earlier now (yes, I am getting older but also see the value in getting a better nights sleep). I would love to see the possiblity of extending the brand into other categories like bath towels and wash cloths. Thank you Allison ansd Nollapelli!

Best nights sleep ever!!!

These are the most comfortable and cool sheets!!! Felt like sleeping on a cloud!

Sheets of Joy

Wonderful, well-made product that provides restful, comfortable sleep. If you value the hours spent lying in bed as not just "sleeping" but rather as an important part of your health, you will appreciate these sheets. The texture and temperature control are spot on. Sleep well, friends!

Awesome sheets!

Great night's sleep as promised!! However, I still look my age of 66 when I awaken.

Feeling silky and fresh

Beautiful feeling of softness and freshness sleeping on my new Nolapelli sheets. Despite being silky, they don’t slide and stay in place. Really happy about my first purchase 🙏🥰

Best Sheets Ever

These sheets are the best. Started with one set and I have now purchased 5 sets - two for me and three for gifts. They people I have gifted them too love them too. Highly recommend.

Best sheets ever

Sheets are not something I would have thought I'd ever spend so much money on, but my husband discovered these and took the plunge. The sheets are incredible! Soft and chilly, which I love! Liked them so much we bought for my son and DIL for Xmas. They stated they are now their favorite sheets!!!

Unfortunately too tight

We bought two masks for our upcoming air travel last week. Unfortunately we both felt the masks were too tight, my husband in particular, so we did not use them. However we love love love the sheets!!!!

Hello and thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us! We're terribly sorry to hear that the fit of our eye masks did not work for you. We are working on a design modification and will be in touch via email to share more details with you.

A 5 Star Luxury sheet!

Since purchasing Nollapelli sheets on a TV promotion, have compared everything I previously owned with them….and there is no comparison! We feel wrapped in luxury with them on our bed, cool in the summer and laundering just brings out their softness. All my beds are being converted to Nollapelli