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Best sheets ever!!

These are so soft & wash up so nicely. They are the only sheets I’ve found that fit easily on my queen bed.

Signature Sheet Set
Jacqueline G.
I got a second set!

After using Nollapelli on my bed and experiencing the benefits of the smooth linen, soft & silky, and they keep my temperature regulated no matter what time of year, I wanted another set for my daughters room! They arrived in the most beautiful packaging with a kind note from the Founder. I am happy to see the impact they have on helping achieve a restorative night's sleep! Next stop... Nollapelli for Christmas gifts!

Pillowcase Duo
Olivia G.
Wonderful pillowcase!

I am using the pillowcase and it is very smooth and nice. No wrinkles on my face in the a.m.!


I'm not really one to sleep with a mask on - other than on planes - so when I got this I really didn't know what to expect, but I certainly didn't expect to be writing such a review on its incredible benefits.
First, the fabric is wonderful and the mask really holds on to my head - not tight, but more really, really well-fitted, and it doesn't move once it's on. The fitting feels somehow comforting, in a way. It's a strange thing to write, but I don't know how else to describe it.
I've been using this mask for a few days already, and I have a feeling that it is helping with the puffiness around my eyes when I wake up. Every morning I look in the mirror and I truly think that it is strangely making my eyes less puffy. I say "strangely" because I wasn't aware that sleep-masks could do that, but here I am; proof that a good eye-mask can do wonders.
As I said, I have never slept with an eye mask before, but now I wonder why I waited so long. This is mask a hidden secret, and I'll be wearing it every night from now on. I cannot say enough amazing things about it.

I can't sleep without it!

I have been sleeping with this mask for several weeks and I love it. The quality of the material and its size is what really makes the difference in my eye/forehead area. Not only helps me to block out light in the mornings but I can fall asleep faster too. It really is like my eyes need it and I can't sleep without it at night anymore!!. It's a must-have!

Feels like I sleep on Clouds

I love my Nollapelli Sheets! I can't wait to jump into my bed each night because these sheets are sooooo very comfortable. I've not had a restless night since I put them on my bed. I have to get another pair so I can rest them when laundry day rolls around. They wash well and dry quickly. I plan to add them to the collection at my B&B. The only downside is my siamese cat loves them too and she likes to hog my side of the bed.

Amazing Results!

I have worn eye masks for years, primarily to block out all light while I sleep. When I learned about the restorative properties of the Nollapelli Eye Mask, I welcomed the opportunity to try it. I have not been disappointed! Not only does it block out all light, it is lightweight, snug fitting yet comfortable, and the fabric is designed to reduce fine lines, puffiness and dark circles! After using the mask for a little over 30 days, I definitely see a noticeable improvement of less lines around my eyes and disappearance of forehead lines and have attached photos as proof! I intend to keep using the Nollapelli eye mask for continued results, and I highly recommend others to try it as well! Oh, by the way, I am 73 years young!!

Love. Love. Love.

I had tried sleeping with sleep masks a few times before but they always felt uncomfortable and in the way. This one was so comfortable and easy. It stayed in place, despite my tossing and turning, and laid perfectly over my eyes.
I fall asleep faster and sleep so much better with this amazing mask. In fact, on the rare occasion that I forget to wear it, I find myself tossing and turning until I remember to put it on. Then I fall asleep right away - like magic.

As an extra bonus, my eyes look less puffy and more well rested.

Excellent material. No lines.

Material is silky smooth giving comfort to eye area. My spouse wakes up early and goes to bed late- the mask blocks out all the light!!! Also I have no morning eye crusting, no puffiness, no lines!!🙃 took it with me to hospital stay. I was able to get sleep and block out all lights from machines and under door etc until the nursing staff would come in. This mask is excellent. NOTE: I have washed this ( by hand) and it kept its shape. I have other masks that lost shape after washing. GET THIS MASK!!

The Best Eye Mask I've tried- and I have tried many

I have worn an eye mask to sleep for years- and truly, this eye mask is the best one hands down. It stays on snuggly but comfortably, it is incredibly soft, and the perfect amount of coverage that it blocks all the night without being too bulky and awkward. I am a convert!

A comfortable mask that stays put

I am a sleep mask user so I was happy to add this one to my rotation. I didn’t expect to see my eye puffiness and dark areas reduce, that was a pleasant surprise. I also appreciated that this is a mask that stays on all night and is very comfortable to sleep with if you are a back sleeper.

You must try this

I never wore an eye mask except on overnight flights. I was a little concerned I might not sleep well in bed with a mask. This mask is so comfortable and it keeps out the stray light from the moon or your partner getting up. No worries sleeping in it. But best is the way my skin feels in the morning. Not dry or extra oily. Fresh. Love this - and glad I tried it.

Can't imagine sleeping without it!

The Nollapelli Eye Mask is a must have. I never used a sleep mask before but thought it might help me with restless nights because of light sensitivity. Well this is a game changer, I sleep better, I awake up rested, my eyes don't feel tired or swollen. The fabric is soft and the mask is comfortable, it stays in place all night. I never want to sleep without it. It goes on road trips with me and now I have to get one for my husband because he sees what it's done for me so he keeps trying to take mine!

Restorative Eye Mask
Jacqueline G.
This is my new favorite sleep attire!

I have worn an eye mask every night for years. So, I consider myself a guru:) and a good night's sleep isn't just about blocking out the light anymore! The Restorative Eye Mask material has a soft, smooth feel, the contour shape helped me sleep longer and more deeply because it blocks out any light, and my most favorite... I love my less visible lines and puffiness, leaving me with calming, radiant under-eye skin. One more added bonus, it works great when you sleep on your side. This is my new travel companion too!

Say good bye to next morning eye puffiness!!

I've tried sleeping with an eye mask in the past to shut out ambient light so I could sleep. I was never consistent with using one until now and for a very good reason. After using this mask for a couple of weeks, I noticed that my next morning under eye puffiness was noticeably reduced especially after a night of great cocktails and great laughs with friends. Under eye puffiness has been a problem for me for a while and a regular source of self-consciousness. Daily, it is the last thing I want to see when I wake up in the morning. Now, I no longer have a reason to dread looking at myself first thing in the morning. Thank you Nollapelli for my new secret weapon. Your mask is a much welcomed addition to my beauty regimen. ❤️

Nollapelli Restorative Eye Mask

I never wore a mask to sleep. So, this was an entirely new experience for me. I am hooked. I slept better and stay asleep. I wake up refreshed. Plus the added bonus is that my eyes are not as puffy and the fine wrinkles around my eyes are not as pronounced!

My review will list I am from Dallas. I am traveling. I still live in Annville

Very soft and cooling!

Definitely the most comfortable sheets I or my friends have felt. We fall asleep very quickly now.

I haven't noticed any differenc

The material was very comfortable but it has not had a positive affect on my hair. The teaser suggested tamer hair in the morning, but no difference has been noted.

Pillowcase Duo
Robin E.
Not worth it

I was so disappointed in this purchase! This material feels like cheap sheets. I am sad to have wasted so much money on these pillowcases. :(

Hello and thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're sorry to hear that our pillowcases are not to your liking. Please know that the feel of our fabric changes after the first wash, and if you still don't care for them, we offer a 30-day return policy. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything we can do to assist you. Sincerely, Team Nollapelli

So luxurious

These sheets are so soft! It's like we live in a 5 star hotel now. It has even helped my hair not be a rats nest in the morning. Worth every penny!


I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO SO MUCH. I use it every night. Cannot LIVE without them. I recommend buying. Will never get another bedding brand.

Best sheets I've ever slept on!

These sheets are absolutely a game changer! I've tried so many varieties and brands but was never quite satisfied until now. Nollapelli is the perfect combination of smooth and cooling to the skin. I also feel that my hair is smoother in the mornings which is a plus!

Best Sheets ever

For the first time in a long time, I slept through the night. No thrashing, no throwing off covers, not putting them back on… OMG a complete night's sleep. Order a set for yourself!

Cool and Comfortable

The sheets are very comfortable and keep me cool through the night. I’m well pleased with the quality and durability as well.

Very disappointed

They keep me cool great but fitted sheet had pills on it before first washing I hate bumpy sheets

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