Nollapelli's Restorative Eye Mask Trial

Everything you need to know about joining our Restorative Eye Mask Trial

About Nollapelli's New Restorative Eye Mask

Nollapelli’s Restorative Eye Mask is designed to improve the appearance of the skin around your eyes.

Did you know the area around your eyes is four times thinner and more delicate, making it the first area on your face to show signs of aging, fatigue and stress?

Nollapelli’s eye mask is made from an innovative fabric on the skin-facing side containing a naturally occurring mineral additive that increases skin’s microcirculation (blood flow in the smallest vessels).

Microcirculation is increased from the body's natural heat converted by the mineral in the fabric into Far Infrared Rays (FIR). These rays are reflected off of the minerals in the fabric back to the skin tissues gently energizing cells, enhancing muscle elasticity, and improving skin appearance (talk about beauty sleep!).

Our eye mask has two flat elastics designed to keep the mask in place while you slumber along with providing the best comfort and minimal impact on your hair. One elastic should sit higher on your crown and the other lower near the base of your head. The exterior of the eye mask is made from a luxurious stretch silk fabric.

Nollapelli Founder Allison Howard Before & After

"The textile technology used in the fabric of the Restorative Eye Mask positively impacted my skin and sleep."

  • Eliminated wrinkles between my eyebrows
  • Reduced pronounced forehead wrinkles
  • Fewer under eye wrinkles
  • Improved skin coloration around my eyes
  • Easier to quiet my brain at night, fell asleep more easily and stayed asleep.

We are giving 30 eye masks valued at $50 away for free to participate in a 30 day trial. Want to join the trial? See the requirements below.

Requirement #1

You want to improve the appearance of the skin around your eyes.

Requirement #2

You agree to all the steps outlined below to participate in the 30 day trial.

7 Steps to Participate in the Eye Mask Trial

#1 Wear the Nollapelli Restorative Eye Mask for at least 6 hours per night for 30 consecutive nights.

#2 Do not change anything about your current, regular skin care and nighttime routines.

#3 Complete our Pre-Trial Google Survey.

#4 Photograph/video the area around their eyes before, during (weekly) and after the trial. Be sure to take the photographs about the same time of day and in the same place so the lighting is consistent. Submit photos / videos via email.

Send before, during and after photos to
Please use the following subject line format:
"First name Last name, Before Eye Photos"
"First name Last name, Week 1 Eye Photos"
"First name Last name, Week 2 Eye Photos"
"First name Last name, Week 3 Eye Photos"
"First name Last name, Week 4 / After Eye Photos"

#5 Complete our Post-Trial Google Survey.

#6 Provide a video testimonial after the trial is completed.

Send to with the subject line formate, "First name, Last name, Post Trial Testimonial Video"

#7 Give consent to Nollapelli to use all trial participant photography/video content, etc. for internal and external uses including marketing.

Trial Dates

  • Aug 8-12: complete pre-trial survey; send masks
  • Aug 14th: TRIAL START (Sunday night); take before photos and send to Nollapelli via emails (see 7 steps above).
  • Aug 21st: take week 1 photos and send to Nollapelli via emails (see 7 steps above).
    Aug 28: take week 2 photos and send to Nollapelli via emails (see 7 steps above).
  • Sep 4th: take week 3 photos and send to Nollapelli via emails (see 7 steps above).
  • Sep 11th: TRIAL ENDS (last night = Sat 9/10)
  • Set 16th: complete post-trial survey; send week 4 / final after photos + video testimonials.