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Help Close the Sleep Gap

International Black Latinx artists Navild Acosta and Fannie Sosa envisioned the art installation / activism exhibition of Black Power Naps beginning in 2015 (source: If You’re Black, Rest is Power, published in Paper Magazine by Michael Love Michael) addressing the racial sleep gap by creating the liberated, enhanced, intelligent, decadent, delightful, sensational and powerful Black rest experiences of the future. Historical, institutional, and systemic racism have robbed Black people of arguably the most valuable asset, time. Time to rest, time to restore, and time to dream. The Black Power Naps exhibition invites Black people to come and rest in any of their future-forward environments or, “ ‘healing stations,’ each ‘invented,’ as the artists put it, to evoke different bodily sensations through physical contact.” (Source: Reparations for Black People Should Include Rest, originally published in Black Power Naps Magazine, re-published on Vice by Janine Francois). The last sentence in the above article asks, “When was the last time you enabled Black people to rest?” This call-to-action was the catalyst for Nollapelli to reach out to Navild and Sosa to be our first sheet set recipients as part of the Help Close the Sleep Gap Initiative. Who better to support in their personal rest and restoration than the visionaries of tomorrow’s Black dreamscape? We are grateful for the opportunity to support both the artists and the art in our small way. Black Power Naps opened in New York, Miami, and Madrid and an exhibition in Berlin is currently in development. We encourage others to act as well by enabling or inspiring meaningful rest for the Black community and supporting the artists. Support options include: purchasing a copy of Black Power Naps Magazine, ordering prints of exhibition photos, or donating directly via links found on their website.

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